Architecture at the Edge

Architecture at the Edge is a celebration of architecture in the west. It features a series of talks, tours, workshops and exhibitions and offers tours of homes, buildings and spaces in Galway City and County Galway.

Isolated, separated – of a place which is enveloped by landscape and weather that seems to push it and at times overtakes it and sweeps through it and seems to drag it toward the shore.

When we considered the breadth of the celebration of place we had to look at all of these elements to create an identity that would encompass it all.

You cannot observe a place without bearing in mind the complex features that contribute in shaping it and the other, equally complex elements that the new form itself originates from.

Taking our inspiration from the hard edges that rise infront of the sea – the cantilevered lines and floors conspire to create a typographic forms.

From our meetings and based on the market research we decided to focus on the a clean, structured and unique marque for the brand. Using Coral, Cement and Black along with the Hurme Geometric Sans Typeface to create a signature look the had great clarity, intrinsic meaning in its form, and could be used on a variety of executions.

Architecture at the Edge (AATE) is not-for-profit organisation established in 2017 to promote an appreciation of West of Ireland architecture. Curated by a local voluntary committee, Architecture at the Edge has emerged from what was previously known as ‘Open House Galway’.

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