This film – Desired brings to life the essence in the food pornography and physicalizes it in an inmate erotic fetish film. Lost in time and movement the montage of body and flesh intertwine to create a visceral experience that transcends the sum of its parts to create a journey into self-expression and illuminates the narrative function of food chemistry that exists it between bodily forms.

Desired was a group show by the participants of 72U. 72u is 12-week creative residency focused on personal and professional growth through collaboration and experimentation. 72U is comprised of 6-7 multidisciplinary individuals who experiment at the intersection of art, culture and technology. The program is an iterative process and each session is redesigned based on the team’s unique interests, skill sets and current cultural landscape.

The avocado. A prehistoric, one-seeded berry named for its resemblance to testicles. Once a rare luxury, consumption has grown nearly 200 percent in the past decade - Los Angeles alone eats more than 3 million a year. And there are few foods that are as thoughtfully fetishized and thoroughly hash-tagged as the avocado.

So what is it about this homely Mexican import that has our culture by the balls? Desired explores the secret life of today’s it-fruit, asking how the avocado’s rise to celebrity is representative of a culture where just about anything can achieve cult status. It visualizes its roots in the food pornography industry and physicalizes its rise to a larger than life cultural icon, while also digging into our growing fetish for fatty flesh.


Bold Visual Narrative 2018