Bold Visual Narrative

Bold is the creative practice of Leon Butler. We are interested in telling stories and exploring new ways of look at and using technology to help us tell those stories.

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Performance Surveillance

Biennale WRO, Wrocławin — May 2023, Cyprus — June 2023, Latvia — July/August/September 2023.

Performance Surveillance is produced with the framework of the EMAP Residency Program at the RIXC Center for New Media Culture with support from the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union. Made in collaboration with Peter Power.

Performance surveillance is a durational interactive durational interactive installation that allows the audience to view different feeds and listen to the generative audio created. OSC data generated by PosenetML translates presence and movement in the frame into a a set of triggers and filters that create a unique ever-changing score.

Surveillance performance seeks to redress this balance by adopting the tools of computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning used in surveillance systems to create a performance. Using live feeds sourced via unsecured CCTV cameras projected in real-time, the people captured in these feeds will become performers controlling what we see and hear in a gallery space.