The European Congress of Sheep Farmers & Shepherds

Project Baa Baa

Project Baa Baa the European Congress of sheep farmers and shepherds serves as one of the pillarstone projects of Galway 2020 the European Captial of Culture. The project which encompasses cultural, economic and environmental contribution of sheep farming & associated traditions in Ireland and across Europe. The development of the brand proved a problematic balance with such a wide-ranging project with a number of different stakeholders.

The development name 'Project Baa Baa' had established a recognition from the bid books, and this had to be married to the more formal European Congress of sheep farmers and shepherds. We developed a modualer brand housing that would allow the two to co-exist and different threads of the project to be used where appropriate. For the colourway we looked to the marked functional colours used on Connemara sheep and the reds and blue that sit so clearly on the greens and browns of the landscape, allowing the brand to stand out while still being familiar to the environment it is being presented in.

Bold Visual Narrative 2018