Bold Visual Narrative

Bold is the creative practice of Leon Butler. We are interested in telling stories and exploring new ways of look at and using technology to help us tell those stories.

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Shelter + Place

Cork Midsummer Festival together with Carlow Arts Festival commisioned artists Peter Power and myself to build a digital monument to our unseen stories and quarantine spaces.

This beautifully political project allows us a glimpse of the lock-down rooms others have inhabited during this time – abstracted but recognisable. Examining isolation, survival, connection and quiet inequalities, Shelter and Place is a mutual world built from our hidden moments, collected in virtual space in the absence of the real.

We have been researching ways to allow the audience to upload 3D imagery  using freely available software from their own place of lockdown and share it with the public. This  in-development  stage of the work describes the journey towards capturing and sharing personal isolated  stories of place and space the pandemic has foregrounded.

Shelter and Place is an interactive experience that mixes location mapping, spatial audio and dream-like vignettes into an open source exploration of our private environments.