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Trump redacted

This is an exploration of the aesthetic protest. The subversion of form as a means of popular uprising can be such a potent weapon in the struggle and the distillation of an entire movement as shown in Shepard Fairy’s ‘HOPE’ poster which came to symbolise the wave in which carried Obama to the presidency. Redacting of text a tool of secrecy used by governments to control the flow of information released has long been used as a device to suppress information, I wanted to take this aesthetic symbolism and use it in a different context as a means of protest. What I’ve created is an auto-redacting font, that will remove the mention of Donald Trump from you life. Trump acts out for attention and like dealing bold child our response should be this: Ignore him, Isolate him and go on with your life. The near constant inundation of bad news stories from muslim bans and healthcare removal proposed by Trump can have an adverse effect on our mental health and just the mention of his name can send you in a negative spiral, so cut him out, deDonald, redact Trump.

Designed as part of my Designer in Residence program at Otis college of Art and Design in Los Angeles California, Trump Redacted is a typeface that allows you to effectively remove Trump from the written word. Once the typeface is installed on your computer it will automatically detect the string of letter that form word and redact it.

This work was created with the Masters students of Otis College of Art and Design.

The typeface can be downloaded at