Bold Visual Narrative

Bold is the creative practice of Leon Butler. We are interested in telling stories and exploring new ways of look at and using technology to help us tell those stories.

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Unsecured was produced with the framework of the EMAP Residency Program at the ROXC Center for New Media Culture with support from the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union.

Unsecured is the accompanying publication to the installation. A collection of photographs taken with other peoples cameras, an exploration of digital trespass. The book allows readers to see inside spaces, places and objects—harnessing the tools of oppression for expression.

This project seeks to reclaim digital infrastructures and to understand digital networks and communication as a performance tool leveraged to create and translate the performance of the work using machine learning network infrastructures creating a collaborative platform on which we can build a number of different platforms and interactions in sound, new media and creative coding environments.

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